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MoviePlay by Nic Wilson is a growing suite of multimedia video playback programs written in C++ for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista & Windows 7.

MoviePlay Home Version plays Audio CD's, Multimedia files of various formats with specific functionality built in for VCD and DVD titles. Compatible file types depend on current installed codecs and include: MP3, AVI, MPG, MP3, DAT, MID, WAV, VOB, VIV , QT, MOV and more. (Note: DVD playback requires a decoder)

Developer MoviePlay (for embedding video into your applications) plays a custom sized, variable position, borderless or fullscreen video or clip on top of your application or background. It has heaps of features and other options.

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Movieplay & Movieplay Screen Saver
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    Recently added features in MOVIEPLAY™

  • NEW MoviePlay Screen Saver. See Downloads section
  • Choose frame to save to graphic file by rolling mouse wheel
  • Frame fwd or bwd by rolling mouse wheel fast or slow
  • Save frame as bmp button.
  • Codec, Avi and MPG information dialog.
  • Custom Main, Preferences, Play list and File Associaton Dialogs.
  • Digital display graphics.
  • Audio CD capability.
  • Enhanced play list editor with Winamp M3U playlist compatibility.
  • Custom loadable button graphics in a single BMP file (template provided)
  • Custom loadable background graphic (template provided)
    Custom & changeable border coloring.
  • Internal skin and colouring choices.
  • Many new preset digital display colours and customizable
    Custom sliders with channel and thumb colouring options
  • Auto load playlist, file and playlist editor preference.
    Improved message handling between video window and main controls
  • Multiline digital displays.
  • Enhanced functionality to cue and review button functions.
  • Simpler start and end point setting.
  • Expanded internal graphic choices with optional 'load your own'
  • Re-designed control window & better on lower resolutions.
  • Re-desinged and re-written playlist editor, multitasks, and works better with control panel.
  • Expanded and improved quick colour changes for digital displays.
  • Optional new Movieplay news bulletins.
  • File Association dialog, so file types can be easily associated or un-associated with MoviePlay.
  • To play SVCD movies download a codec here: Moonlight-Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder v. 2.0
  • And More...

Developer Movieplay

Do you need

  • custom borderless video in your presentation?
  • video in your kiosk or touch screen application?
  • video embedded in your application?
  • a custom sized, variable position or fullscreen video?
  • an easy to use Video DLL for your application?
  • a command line or INI driven video player?

Then you should take a look at
Developer MoviePlay


Home Audio

(Gold Film skin - default appearance - showing size of controller - Click to enlarge)

(Fun Skin - uses most colour options in one skin - Click to enlarge)

(Cool Blue Skin - showing avaiable options - Click to enlarge)

(Information Panels - Click to enlarge)

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